Episode One Hundred Twenty - Lemuria

Perspectives on our ancient homeland.

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Episode One Hundred Nineteen - Next Stop, Fourth Density

Various entities give a sneak peek at what Fourth Density will be like. Others speak on how to achieve the vibration for self, other selves, and the planet.

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Episode One Hundred Eighteen - The Influx of Atlantean Souls / The Seers

Second installment of wisdom from Atlantean souls who synchronistically returned to this Earth plane to aid in the expedition of spiritual and scientific growth. This episode highlights a few of the seers - Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, Walter Russell and Helena Blavatsky.

Episode One Hundred Seventeen - The Alpha Centurian Arcana of Thoth

 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm is the channal for a high cosmic consciousness from Alpha Centuri. 

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Episode One Hundred Sixteen - The Influx of Atlantean Souls / The Scientists

Since post-deluvian times, the Atlantean souls have been returning to this Earth plane to continue their missions. There was a particularly influential group that incarnated, around the mid 1800s, that sparked expedited spiritual and scientific growth. Of that group, these are few of the scientists that contributed.

Episode One Hundred Fifteen - The Mystery Schools

From the compilation book of the same name, material contributed from H. Blavatsky, G. de Purucker, Master KH and from the documents The Mahatma Letters, The Doctrine of Avatars, Isis Unveiled, The Ancient Mysteries Sourcebook, The Mysteries of Egypt among others.

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Episode One Hundred Fourteen - The Cosmic Laws

Through Ralph Duby and Paul Shockley comes Cosmic Awareness. Cosmic Awareness relates the Cosmic Laws, the unchangeable laws of Creation.

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Episode One Hundred Thirteen - Kwan Yin

The channel Marjorie Musacchio, who also goes by the name Sucheta, brings through the mother Goddess of Chinese Buddhism, Kwan Yin.

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A sample of hundreds of sessions brought to us through channel, Mary Ennis, over the last 20+ years.

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