Episode Eighty Eight - Apples

Published in 1953, researcher George Hunt Williamson's book "Other Tongues, Other Flesh", contains many of the tenets expounded upon nearly 30 years later by his colleague, Don Elkins with Jim McCarty and Carla Reuckert, in the Ra Material.  Included are passages from Ra and Q'uo from Carla's book "A Wanderer's Handbook".

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Episode Eighty Seven - The Prism of Lyra

Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest give us the manuscript "The Prism of Lyra". Lyssa is the channel. The subtitle says it all "An Explanation of Galactic Heritage".

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Episode Eighty Six - Yada

E Yada di Shi'ite was incarnated on Earth 500,000 years previous. A member of the Inner Circle of Light, his wisdom comes through the channel Mark Probert from the collection "Yada Speaks".

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Episode Eighty Five - A Harvest Compendium

A compendium of channelings on the subject of the Harvest. Entites contributing are: Ra, Q'uo, Hatonn, Bashar, Aaron, The Pleiadians, Enoch, and the Founders, with a passage from David Wilcock. 

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Episode Eighty Four - The Law of One Study Guide

The Guide assembles and focuses the Law of One material for quick and easy understanding. Excepts from this important manual - plus bonus goodies.

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Episode Eighty Three - 52 Codes from Barbara Marx Hubbard / Part Two

Second part of Barbara Marx Hubbard's 52 Codes, along with excerpts from her book, "Emergence".

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Episode Eighty Three - 52 Codes from Barbara Marx Hubbard / Part One

Barbara Marx Hubbard has over 40 years of spiritual work behind her, a highly respected leader in lightworker communities. This is Part One of the spiritual guidlines known as "52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution".

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Episode Eighty Two - Passages from The Sons of the Law of One Audio Library

Selected excerpts from four audio books with four unique insights.

Episode Eighty One - Walter & Lao Russell

Renaissance couple Walter and Lao Russell figured it all out, scientifically and spirtually. There is no separation.

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Episode Eighty - The Sisters of Light

Rev. Frieda Probst is the channel for The Sisters of Light from the book "The Mother Transcriptions".

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