Episode Seventy Six - The Founders

Through the channel Sal Rachele we receive the wisdom of The Founders, Creator Gods.

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Episode Seventy Five (Part Two) - Sunday Meditations with Q'uo

Q'uo speaks of ascension.

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Episode Seventy Five (Part One) - Sunday Meditations with Q'uo

Q'uo wisdom from the Sunday Meditations gatherings.

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Episode Seventy Four - El Morya Khan

Ascended Master El Morya Khan gives us a message through the channel Linda Stein-Luthke from the book "Navigating the Fourth Dimension".

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Episode Seventy Three - Heru

The great Creator God Heru gives us his message through Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum from the book "The Return of Light".

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Episode Seventy Two - The Gaia Project

Dr. Hwee-Yong Jang relates his spiritual discovery "The Gaia Project", the Universe's plan for Earth's ascension.

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Episode Seventy One - The Superbeings

John Randolph Price gives us the wisdom of the Superbeings from the book of the same name.

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Episode Seventy - Atlantis Chronicles Part Three - From the Akashic through Cayce

The Edgar Cayce readings spell out the conflict between the two factions on Atlantis and how it leads to the final destruction of the continent. Grim lessons for the polarized world of today.

Episode Sixty Nine - Orin

From the book "Living With Joy", Sanaya Roman channels the entity Orin.

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Episode Sixty Eight - Archangel Uriel

Ann Valentin and Virginia Essene bring us the Archangel Uriel, from the book "Descent of the Dove".

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