Episode Forty - Architects of Light Sharon Shane channels Ascended Masters and other spiritual guides.
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Episode Thirty Nine - Rabindra Matori Rabindra Matori comes through Carol Bell Knight from the book "Passing The Torch, The Way of the Avatar"
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Episode Thirty Eight - Kryon Kryon, of magnetic energy comes through Lee Carroll. This material is from the first book dictated by Kryon.
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Episode Thirty Seven - Meditations and Invocations of the Masters / The Archangels This is the first episode in the series. We start with a collection of suggested meditations coming from the Archangels.

Episode Thirty Six - Atlantis Chronicles Part One / From the Speakers of the Sirian High Council We have lived many lives. We lived many lives on Atlantis.

The first episode of the Atlantis Chronicles series is from the middle book of a trilogy coming through Patricia Cori, "Atlantis Rising".  

Atlantean history is Earth's third density beginnings.

Episode Thirty Five - Irshya Elmarilla Bailey brings us the energy known as Irshya.
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Episode Thirty Four - Djwhal Khul Djwhal Khul sends us a message through Violet Starre.
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Episode Thirty Three - Ramtha J Z Knight channels Ramtha, and a special song by Lacy J Dalton
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Episode Thirty Two - Bridge Of Light LaUna Huffines channels the enitiy Jaiwa, who brings information on how to build your bridge of light and temple of light.
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Episode Thirty One - Emmanuel From "Emmanuel's Book", the first of three volumes of material from Judith Stanton and channel, Pat Rodegast
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