Episode Twenty Eight - Lazaris, The Sacred Journey Jach Pursel and Peny Prestini bring us the entity known as Lazaris
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Episode Twenty Seven  - Dialogue On Awakening Tom and Linda Carpenter bring us the entity they call "Brother", better known to humanity as Jesus of Nazereth.
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Episode Twenty Six - The Kyrian Letters Sandra Radhoff Lund channels the energy that calls itself Kyros. Also a note on the upcoming Sixth Day from Dr. Carl Calleman.
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Episode Twenty Five - Earth School Meredith Lady Young brings us the entity Mentor, who speaks of Earth School.
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Episode Twenty Four - Serapis, An Ascension Handbook The entity Serapis dictates An Ascension Handbook through channel Tony Stubbs.
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Episode Twenty Three - The Star-Borne Solara Antara Amaa-Ra is a messenger from the Golden Solar Angels, part of a vast planetary family of Angels.
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Episode Twenty Two - An Interview with David Icke UK journalist John Smithies interviews noted author Daviv Icke.
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Episode Twenty One - The Hathor Material Ton Kenyon is the instrument through which we receive the wisdom of Hathor.
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Episode Twenty - Seth Speaks From the book "Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity Of The Soul", Jane Roberts channels Seth.
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Episode Nineteen - Bashar, Blueprint for Change Darryl Anka is the channel for Bashar. From the book "Bashar: Blueprint for Change".
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