Episode Sixteen - A Tour Of The Galaxy Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain take us on a trip through our Galaxy, to visit our Logos and many other civilizations. From the book "The Teachings For The Fourth Density Aquarian - Volume Two"
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Episode Fifteen - P'taah, Transmissions from the Pleiades Jani King channels P'taah from the book "An Act Of Faith"
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Episode Fourteen - Oneness Oneness - received and transcribed by Rasha
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Episode Thirteen - The Great White Brotherhood From the book, "Wisdom for the New Age, Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood - As given by Azrael."
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Episode Twelve - A Call To The Lightworkers Rhea Powers is the instrument through which comes the wisdom of ascended master Sanat Kumara
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Episode Eleven - Bartholomew, Reflections Of An Elder Brother The wisdom of Bartholomew comes through Mary-Margaret Moore
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Episode Ten - Saint Germain / Earth's Birth Changes Saint Germain in channeled through Azena Ramanda
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Episode  Nine - The  Unified  Field Dr. Allen Roland explains his "Unified Field" of love and consciousness
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Episode Eight - The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness The Mayan calendar's spiritual significance is explained by Dr. Carl Calleman.

Episode Seven - We, The Arcturians Messages from our brothers and sisters from Arcturus, channeled through Dr. Norma Milanovich
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