Three sources channeled through Arn Allingham.

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Wise words from possibly the oldest known spiritual manuscript.

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Wisdom offerings from various sources on the subject of healing.

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Teachers both Earthy and of higher densities, give us their thoughts on thought. 

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Episode One Hundred Twenty One - Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts

Spiritual renaissance man Rudolf Steiner explains the philosophy of Anthroposophy.
Our spiritual nature is the mover and shaker of everything.

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Episode One Hundred Twenty - Lemuria

Perspectives on our ancient homeland.

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Episode One Hundred Nineteen - Next Stop, Fourth Density

Various entities give a sneak peek at what Fourth Density will be like. Others speak on how to achieve the vibration for self, other selves, and the planet.

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Episode One Hundred Eighteen - The Influx of Atlantean Souls / The Seers

Second installment of wisdom from Atlantean souls who synchronistically returned to this Earth plane to aid in the expedition of spiritual and scientific growth. This episode highlights a few of the seers - Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, Walter Russell and Helena Blavatsky.

Episode One Hundred Seventeen - The Alpha Centurian Arcana of Thoth

 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm is the channal for a high cosmic consciousness from Alpha Centuri. 

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Episode One Hundred Sixteen - The Influx of Atlantean Souls / The Scientists

Since post-deluvian times, the Atlantean souls have been returning to this Earth plane to continue their missions. There was a particularly influential group that incarnated, around the mid 1800s, that sparked expedited spiritual and scientific growth. Of that group, these are few of the scientists that contributed.